NCC Amazing Pace

Welcome to the North Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church Amazing Pace 

customer service resource page.

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As a participant in the NCC Amazing Pace program you are demonstrating your leadership in improved clergy health!

New! 2019 Program and Reward Information 

Add a Fitbit Device to your NCC Amazing Pace Account.

Use your smartphone as an activity tracker

Password and User Name Reset Instructions

Phone App Software, Fitbit, Apple, Garmin, Google Health

"I have lost my NCC Amazing Pace pedometer." 

It happens. Log into your NCC Dashboard home step page and select "Store" from the black navigation bar on your dashboard page.  All Fitbit devices work with the NCC Amazing Pace program.  Click here for more information

For more information please contact customer service:  or phone 662-328-0444.

Important NCC web links you may wish to bookmark.

NCC Amazing Pace Home Page   (Track your daily steps!)

NCC New Registration Page   (or I want to join!)

Use Your Smart Phone as your Activity Tracker for the NCC Program

NCC Top 50 Pacers Second Journey 2019

NCC Top 50 Pacers First Journey 2019

NCC Top 50 Pacers Fourth Journey 2018

NCC Top 50 Pacers Third Journey 2018

Pedometer uploading software support: 

 662-328-0444 or email    (You need to have the software installed on your computer to upload your steps)

For other questions or customer support email: